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7 July 2015

Dear Conid Guys,

Today something amazing happened! I received my first Conid FPR model! :) This is even a FPiR²(!) so even more special. I’ve always been fascinated by the number Pi and I love the fact that they released it on the 14th of march 2015 (3,1415…).

After some weeks of waiting my patience was finally satisfied. Below I’ve added a little review of my first impressions. 😉

The first thing that struck me was the beautiful simplicity of the carton cover around the metal box. It’s easy on the eye with the matt black and shiny highlights. The lines running across the box resemble the amount of ink a normal pen versus a bulkfiller can use before having to refill! On the back of the box there’s a few lines with  my name, type of pen and reference number.

Johan Robbroeckx - minimalistica FPiR² 02-50 PI - July 2015 - 01


After removing the cover I saw a box that I had never seen before. Just like the cover, a beautiful looking design, though with white text, The symbol of Pi in the upper left corner and the number of my personal limited edition Conid in the lower right corner. Centrally and outstanding, the Conid logo which looks awesome in this contrasting setup!

Johan Robbroeckx - minimalistica FPiR² 02-50 PI - July 2015_02


Now it’s time to open the box: A little more patience is required because I don’t want to jump to the pen just yet. The first thing tha catches the eye is the metal plate on the inside of the lid. Again made and engaved with impeccable perfection! This is the certificate of authenticity which again shows the number (02-50) and the autographs of the designer (Francis) and the founder (Werner).


Looking to the right I first saw the businesscard of a man named Johan. My guess is that this is one of the employees which worked on the pen. It is nice to see that they involve their employees in the process and give them credit for their work! Very kind of Werner and Francis!

Johan Robbroeckx - minimalistica FPiR² 02-50 PI - July 2015_04

Then a protective piece of foam with a rebate to take it out easily. Functional as it should be.

Out pops a ‘User guidelines’-paper with red accents which contrasts with the gray-black of the text. Again, looks very nice! This guideline is very useful for a first-time user to get to know how the filling mechanism works.

It even has a QR-code on the back you can scan with a smartphone to see a little movie on how to fill. Extra useful and very handy in case the drawings on the guidelines are not clear enough.

Johan Robbroeckx - minimalistica FPiR² 02-50 PI - July 2015_05


And then the “moment suprême”!! First look on the pen itself and it stuns me! It looks even more attractive then on the pictures they used to tease us! An amazing matte black barrel and cap with matte titanium parts to contrast. It is fitted in a foam piece with room for the tool and an extra nib. All very well engineered. It all fits perfectly.

Taking out the pen it strikes me how soft this pen feels! It really does feel like silk, as stated on the website. On the clip one can see my initials and the symbol of Pi engraved and may I say, all extremely crisp and clear! The text really stands out. On the barrel band one can see the number again and on the filling knob it says: “Conid Antwerp Belgium” as a reminder to where the company’s situated.

Johan Robbroeckx - minimalistica FPiR² 02-50 PI - July 2015_06

The cap is not a screw-on type cap but it is clamped on the barrel using a rubber O-ring. This provides a tight, yet easy to release shut-off. Though this seems a strange choice, I assure you, it works perfectly! Whilst pulling the cap you should make a little turning motion in order to break the stick slip of the O-ring and do the same thing when putting the cap back on. This provides a very good seal and the tension from the O-ring will make sure the cap doesn’t come off unwanted.

For the nib I chose a Medium Stainless Steel which came free with the pen. You can choose a variety of different materials and sizes of nibs but this one suits me best since I am still a newby when it comes to fountain pens. It looks very nice and also has ‘Conid’ engraved on it (just in case you forgot what beauty you’re writing with :) ).

Later on I will perform a writing test but first I will enjoy the perfection of the filling system. It’s truly amazing to see how much ink this pen can take!! One has to experience it to fully appreciate the amazingness of the system.

Johan Robbroeckx - minimalistica FPiR² 02-50 PI - July 2015_08

I filled it up with ink using an extremely handy ink bottle which was a gift from a dear friend. This is one the most useful gifts ever given to me! Now my wife can’t complain about my inky fingers anymore because that’s all history!! :):) Also the section, which has to be submerged in ink to get ink sucked up in the reservoir, will not get ink on it so this also stays clean!

Thank you Conid for this amazing, perfectly engineered fountainpen! This will be my daily writer from now on.



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