Bill W. – Canada – Regular BCB BB SL

22 April 2013

Gentlemen I am enjoying the Conid Streamline very much .. a few observations

–   The filling system is terrific, the stainless nib is exceptional and is tuned perfectly.  Workmanship is of course 100% as you have described.  And I really like the feel of the Delrin, this is a superior material.  Very smooth on the hand.  It has a unique feel.

  As a poster of pens – I have checked the weight of the cap – and it’s not exceptionally heavy at all.    In fact the pen cap is very light.  I do like that the cap posts down on the barrel and I don’t find the outside o-rings to be distracting at all – in fact I find that the idea is rather novel.

But why is the pen out of balance when posted ?  I had to find out.   I think the cap is just heavy enough to tip the balance to the back of the pen.  The pen un-posted is top heavy – but I don’t think that’s a particular problem. If the cap is left off.  The parts of the filling system are at the top of the barrel and that would account for the top heaviness when posted.  The gears and engine of the filling system are all at the back.

It’s a slight disappointment – but very understandable when you take into consideration the filling system of the pen.

The construction and feel of the pen is such that I find that the pen “calls me” when I want a nice smooth writer.

It’s almost a great poster – but not quite.  But I’m still enjoying the pen a great deal.  I’m a huge fan of the Delrin material.  Wonderful stuff.

I’m inclined to buy another as a back up – or a couple !

Bill W.

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