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23 April 2015

The pen, as you know (I hope so !) well arrived.


I have let my first appreciations on You can find my comment under the name Marsu.

( Click here to read the full comment )

I had to discover, for the very first time, a Bulkfiller… and I was really pleased to see all the nice packaging (enveloppe, box with its black paper, inside, outside…).

As I took the pen in my hands, I had to discover the pleasant contact with the POM (I knew this matter, I have two knives with POM handle).

I had to fill the pen… ! And that was very easy : I did it a first time without ink and then directly with ink.

What it drinks !!! :)

Then I had to discover the writing : superb !A superb and very smooth nib : M stub – thanks to… Francis ???

Since it has arrived, I’m writing all my private notes at home wit it. Why at home ? So I can take time enough to appreciate nice writing with this wonderful pen ! Why not a my office desk in enterprise ? I have not many writing to do… only a few little notes, but a lot on the keyboard !  ^^

Note that I am very satisfied of your lovely pen !

As I said (see the link above) : Thanks to all (in order of appearence on the screen  😉  ) : Alain, Francis and you, all members of Conid : Werner, Jonas, Johan… others perhaps ?!

Kind regards to all… and my friendships to Francis !

Bruno R.

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