Paul C. – United Kingdom – Regular BCB BB FT

31 May 2014

I am writing to express my admiration for the Bulkfiller. I have had the pen a couple of weeks now and it has surpassed my expectations in every way. I own pens by Visconti, Conway Stewart, Omas, Sailor and a few other commonly known brands. Without doubt the finest pen I own is your Bulkfiller.

The way the pen looks, feels and writes make it a pleasure to own and use. The pen also cleans easier than any other pen I own. Filling mechanisms are usually judged on their ability to get ink into the pen, and whilst that is impressive in this case, it is the way it allows me to get the last droplets of ink back out that I find most practical. Although with the enormous ink capacity it does not require cleaning very often!

All of this gushing praise leads me to my second point, the Kingsize version. You said in your last email that our paths would probably cross again and you were correct. I know the kingsize is a new product so you may not have all of the answers to my questions. I would be grateful if you could respond as best you can.

My ideal configuration would be a kingsize made of Delrin in the Sleek barrel shape, not the flat top again ;-). I do not know if you are planning on making the kingsize in that configuration but I would appreciate confirmation either way. Also any information you have on price and availability. I would not compromise on the Delrin but the Streamline barrel would suffice if the Sleek is not going to be offered. I will probably want the pen with a fine nib and I assume you will be offering Titanium nibs. Are there other options available? A soft (semi-flex) Rhodium or Ruthenium plated gold nib may appeal to me this time around.

Paul C.


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