Honest review from Mike R. – Australia – Regular DCB DB FT – Titanium Fine Nib

30 July 2014


My review here, sorry it took sooooo long.
Presentation (7/10)

Decent looking box, nothing special but not really important to be honest.

 Aesthetics (9/10)

There is a lot of attention to detail on this pen and almost everything is perfect for me. As an Engineering student, as soon as I saw this I thought “That looks like a pen an Engineer should have” hhaha and that was that; I had to have it. Everything about the pen screams precision. The half frosted cap that is only clear to show the nib is awesome! The only gripe I have with the looks is the white piston mechanism, though I’m not really sure what it would look like if it were black.

Build (10/10)

Can’t see any flaws (on mine at least) as far as construction goes. Everything seems solid and the materials chosen are nice. The black grip section feels smooth and slightly soft but could be a bit longer in my opinion. The threads are made of metal on top of the plastic body which is a great detail and it makes the screw on cap feel much better. The rubber o-rings make posting the pen easy and in my opinion look cool; the only thing is the cap can wobble a tiny bit when posted. The double reservoir is not a feature I look for in pens but it might be useful to some people.

 Practicality (9/10)

With the enormous ink capacity, ability to take it apart with the kit (not included) and light weight this pen is perfect for a daily writer! The only thing that bugs me is that you have to unscrew the piston knob a bit to allow for a long consistent flow but unlike many other pens it still posts very nicely when you do this so its not too big of a deal.

Nib (6/10)

I paid $800AUD for the pen and I expected much more from the titanium nib I ordered. It does have a nice amount of flex allowing for line variation but mine has too much feedback and sometimes a bit of scratchiness depending on how it is held. After emailing I found out it had not been tested before sending which is a bit dissapointing, but what can you do? Going to be sending it off to the US to be worked on.

Value (7/10)<dropped slightly for me due to the scratchy nib)

This is not a cheap pen and due to the amount of titanium and hand labour it’s not exactly cheap. If you like the look and do long writing sessions though, this is great! I’ve heard from various sources that the titanium nib is by far the best value but seeing as mine wasn’t very smooth I recommend asking for it to be tested first.

Mike R.

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