Kay P. – U.S.A. – FPR Demonstrator SL7

30 July 2013


The pen arrived today!  *happy dance*  The detail of the design of this pen is unbelievable.  The disassembly tools and instructions are a real plus for cleaning pens that actually get used.  Thank you!

Now just as soon as I figure out Step 6 in the filling instructions, I will be ready to try them out with water.  I looked on the forums, but did not see any mention of that, so I must be a bit obtuse and uncoordinated.  I’ll have a go at it again tomorrow.

Appearance wise, I think I like the flat ends of the one I first saw rather than the round “bullet” shaped  ones on this batch.

The nib looks like it has good flex and should make an outstanding writer.   I can’t wait to get started using it!

Thank you for putting on your list to get one. *very big grin*

Kay P.

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