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27 February 2015

Conid arrived! Not a review, but… let’s call it a log of my experience.



I “discovered” Conid in October 2014, and asked to be put on their email list. So far, if there is a list, I have not received any emails.

Looking at their website, and after reading the reviews, I decided that I wanted a Kingsize Demonstrator Flattop, with a M Titanium nib, and the tool. I wanted the black cap so that any ink splatters insice the cap would not be seen. With shipping to the USA, all that added up to €740, which at the time was $938. Ouch.

I decided to wait, as that’s a significant amount of money, especially for a pen that I’ve never even held in my hands.

I had a bit of a good month in December, and started to think about ordering the pen, but still waited. Then on January 15, 2015, something very interesting happened: The Swiss Central Bank stopped controlling the Euro:Swiss Franc, which caused the Swiss Franc to crash by 20%, but it also caused the Euro to Dollar rate to change dramatically.

When I priced the pen in USD in October it was $938 at the exchange rate of 1.267. In January the exchange rate dropped to 1.134 and I pulled the trigger at an equivalent cost of $835. Hey $100 is a lot of money.


I asked Werner if my name could be engraved on the barrel by Arno Van Tilburgh, the guy who does the Flanders Fields engraving. Yes, for somewhere between €100 and €150. Wow, thanks but no thanks. I am sure the master engraver is worth is price, but just not to me. So I then asked if Conid could engrave my initials on the clip with the same machine that they laser engrave the bands. Answer, “Sure, no problem.”

I pulled this image off their website and mocked this up in Photoshop, and they were so happy to see a visual representation of what I wanted.Margolis_02


First impressions: I love the pen. It is an awesome writer, nice and wet with my favorite J.Herbin Lie de The ink. Not so wet that it’s feathering like crazy, but wet enough that it shades nicely. It is large for sure, but I bought the kingsize, and their dimensions are listed, so I knew what I was getting. But if you don’t like a BIG pen, move down a size.

It is a very smooth writer, smooth as glass. Even upside down, which I do a lot with a medium nib, it puts plenty of ink down smoothly in a much finer line. Whomever tuned the nib also writes upside down, because usually they’re scratchy, but not this one.



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