Kingsize Ebonite Conid Bulkfiller released

12 March 2014

For those who haven’t seen the beautiful handmade prototypes of Francis yet, I’m happy to unveil our latest limited edition: the CONID Kingsize Bulkfiller!

Kingsize Eboite Conid Bulkfiller - Ebonite Barrel - Streamline

Kingsize Ebonite Conid Bulkfiller – Ebonite Barrel – Streamline

Over the past few months, our complete focus has gone to the development of this new fountain pen. In close cooperation with Francis, we have managed to finalize all the steps needed to put this into production. Not a single detail has been compromised.

Although it’s a slightly bigger fountain pen than all the other models, the filling system is still the genuine standard Bulkfiller system.

At this very minute, the manufacturing drawings are being checked, double checked, and approved for production. We are still working on the exact pricing.

It will be available by mid-May. so you will soon be able to have and hold the pen in your hand.

Watch this space!

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