Responsive… To be or not to be?

17 December 2013

Hi everyone,

We would like to announce that we are soon to upgrade our CONID website.

Bringing it up to date will make it more appealing and easier to navigate. No more searching for the right information, it will be just a click away.

Responsive... To be or not to be? - 01

But we need your feedback to help us make the right choices. We are uncertain whether the website should have responsive design or not. Are you in the know as to what “Responsive” actually means? It is when a website automatically adapts its layout to the viewing enviroment/device – in other words: whatever device you use, each page will be displayed in the most optimal way. On the upside, this technology allows for more pleasing mobile experience; on the downside there is the price tag.

The reason we are keen to hear from you on this matter is that we are still debating if this new trend is here to stay.
Do you think we should follow?

Please do write a comment.

Since we can not let you all wait for our new website to be online, we want to share our Catalog right now!

Please find the online Dropbox folder link here.

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