Sean B. – U.S.A. – Limited Edition – IFF SL 10-10

12 May 2015

My pen arrived today. My first impression is that of amazement.

The packaging is the nicest I have ever seen. You guys far and away have out done yourselves. Very classy!!..

The pen though is the true superstar here. The celluloid is breath taking. The blue veins that seem to come alive in the light make this pen truly special.

And the nib, oh wow the Nib! It is perfect. Don’t know of any better way to put it. When I asked for a wet, fine, that wrote like a pencil you nailed it.. It is smooth with the perfect amount of feedback.

I love the filling system. Pen holds a ton of ink and is very fun to fill. I have some pretty nice pens and have owned some very nice pens and I would dare to say this is my favorite I’ve owned.

I have a brad torelli 45 and a Romillo. eo9 that used to be my all time favorites but this pen has surpassed them..  I have had some pretty good experience with all sorts of pens… I’ve owned Montblanc 139’s, celluloid 149’s, 35 safety fillers and just about every grail type pen out there and no pen I have ever seen has been made as well and featured such a truly unique filling system.

The craftsmanship on this Flanders field is by far the best I’ve seen, it’s amazing how tight and clean everything is.

I am a very happy customer and will be a staunch supporter of your company.

Thank you for making such magnificent pens!


Sean B.

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