The Komec-Conid experience – KCE 2016

5 May 2016

A honnest review by Lukasz:

It was a beautiful day without obligations, but full of opportunities.
Everyone had the opportunity to understand the ideology of the company and share it  with family and friends.
For me personally, it was a fantastic day where I met new people that one way or another are related to the company, but I had never seen before. And above all, it was a great opportunity to finally show my family and friends what I do every day.
With a very nice result because all of the guests were greatly impressed by the technology, orderliness and passion that not only was visible but also tangibly presented .
The party afterwards cannot be forgotten (everything was perfectly taken care of ) even the toughest of my guests had no comments.
In short, a really fantastic day that impressed all of us.

To conclude, I would just give one more thing: let us continue working together so that there can follow more of those days.
A very sincere thank you to the Helsen family!



Some words of Johan:


My personal experience of the great Komec-Conid experience started at about 6 am. After arriving at the shop, we immediately started working. There were already quite a number of colleagues busy with the final preparations. Laying down the blue and orange carpet runners took most of our time since nothing less than perfection would do. The final details such as cleaning the machines, hanging the chains and cleaning the carpets were still being done about an hour before the opening.  But it was all done just in time to allow everybody to freshen up and change into our beautiful uniform: a white shirt, a blue jacket with our name embroidered onto it and a surprising blue and orange striped tie to finish the look.
Werner gave an inspiring and rather emotional speech in which he thanked everybody for their hard work and help over the previous days, weeks and months. It had been a mammoth task but in the end it all came together. The result was something so awesome that it stunned everybody that came to visit. The first eyecatcher was the arc over the access road. Decorated with blue and orange balloons it was impossible to miss. Going through the entrance was another experience since it was organised to safely siphon in a big crowd. Also, a big flat screen tv depicted a blueprint of the shop with photos of each employee at his or her respective department.

The transformation we witnessed was jawdropping. All of us made a big effort but most of us did not see it from start to finish until the first tour through the factory.

Once outside we walked over to the tent. The tent, another amazing feature of this wonderful day. Surrounded by food trucks and a children’s play corner, it was a very pleasant place to take a little break and enjoy a delicious meal. We all had the chance to talk to each other over a beer or soda. It was a very welcome break after quite a busy week of preparations. At around 2 pm the first guests started arriving but the busiest moment was about 5-8 pm. Never before had there been so many people at Komec, yet we were never overwhelmed. Thanks to a perfect organisation and an easy flow through the shop, it never felt as though 1000 people passed through.

Once my family arrived, I gave them my personal guided tour. They had seen the shop before and were also awestruck by the extensive changes. They could hardly believe their eyes at the metamorphosis. Arriving at the food truck village, the disbelief became even greater. “What a ridiculously luxurious open day!” Was one of the reactions of my family. They thourougly enjoyed every single aspect of the tour. After a delicious meal and a drink, my family had to go home. By now it was almost 9 pm and the majority of the visitors was now enjoying the scrumptious snacks offered at the various stands. I mingled and had nice chats with several interesting people. The atmosphere was very relaxed and cosy under the tent. Different coloured uplighters generated a special feeling, one of snugness.

By now it was almost midnight and I started to feel some fatigue. Time to go home, like most of the others.

It was a long, exhausting day but it was even more a special experience. One never to forget.


Thank you to the entire Helsen family, not just for this day, but for every day I have worked at Komec and Conid. It has been quite a journey and I hope it will never end. Or at least, not any time soon. 😊


Johan Robbroeckx

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