The Power of Gold – a Chinese Twist

18 December 2013

Yesterday we received a call from another Belgian firm called InduTech with the news that they have two visitors, who are keen on coming over to Conid.The Power of Gold - a Chinese Twist - 01

They were Mr. Lee Tai Pang – a retired engineer and miniature calligrapher – and his son Lee Karl Kayson. Together they had come all the way from Hong Kong to Belgium, with a stopover in Munich, to see a friend at InduTech. While traveling, they stumbled upon Conid as they were trawling the net, and insisted on meeting us personally since they were in the  vicinity¹. We welcomed them with open arms shortly after the call. The meeting was convivial².

It appears that Tai Pang became interested in a Bulkfiller, due to his hobby, and his search for the perfectly engineered fountain pen. “I saw Conid makes industrially designed writing equipment. Without a doubt, I need one!” We couldn’t agree more. Proud and eager to give our enthusiastic visitors a feel for the Bulkfiller system, we gave them plenty of time to get familiar with it.

After some test writing, a rather interesting conversation arose. As father and son were discussing what would be the Chinese translation for “Conid”, scribbles and Chinese characters began to flow out of the golden nib. Then with a broad smile, Karl Kayson and his father explained to us that “Gum Lick” comes pretty close to the Chinese pronunciation of Conid. Combining the two matching Chinese characters literally means “Power of Gold”. What a flattering coincidence! These are enlightening moments that give us positive energy on what we do.The Power of Gold - a Chinese Twist - 02

Handing over his freshly purchased FPR Streamline Demonstrator – presented in its box with a certificate – can be described as a very honorable moment. In my opinion, this would have been the perfect time to celebrate over a glass of fine single blend whisky and a cigar.

It was a good day at Conid. We are very grateful to our new Chinese friends for this spiritual contribution. There is no doubt we will stay in touch!

¹Vicinity: nearby, in the neighborhood   –   ²convivial: friendly, lively, enjoyable

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