[Video] Conid Bulkfiller Streamline Fountain Pen Review By Dan Smith On April 9, 2014

23 May 2014

Another great awesome review of our Conid Bulkfiller by Dan Smith

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  • Jen

    Price aside, I think it’s too fidgity a pen for my use with all the stuff you have to do just to fill it. It is a pretty pen, but I’d rather have a Pelikan that doesn’t take that much effort to fill. Thanks for the review, it was thorough and helpful as usual

  • Jon

    I like the filling system, but they should check the lubrication of the piston before shipping, and the nib should be perfect. It’s a pen I would consider, but, as you said, there’s a lot of competition at that price

  • Tony Rex

    Hello. I’ve won one of these in the CONID giveaway here on FPGeeks. If I may add a bit, the copy I received was fully lubed out of the box (I suspect) by Francis as I had requested him to grind the gold nib into medium CI.. the result is just one heck of a pen! Dan’s right, it’s not for everyone, but I reckon it’s a must have for a connoisseur. Seriously. It is unique and every bit as awesome as reviewed. Which btw, superb review mate, spot on.. And extra geek points for that size comparison shot.. That is awesome lineup

    • Dan Smith

      Tony, thanks for stopping by to comment and share your thoughts and experience. I believe that Conid found a good home with you!

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