Never attack the consequences of a problem, first analyse thoroughly and fight the root cause


FGO Carbon Kingsize Prototype


Diamine Damson


For many people on the fora, Francis aka ‘Fountainbel’ is sort of a pen-guru. He’s a fountain pen specialist who loves to restore vintage pens. He has a respected voice and gladly shears his knowledge with others. To me, Francis Goossens is the key person that made Conid successful. First of all, he is the godfather of the Bulkfiller as we know it today. What led to having a patented system was his blood, sweat and tears. His ingenuity was indispensable to transform the idea into a concept and – after making and improving several prototypes – turn it into an innovative product. A strong phrase that he would say occasionally and that I will never forget is: “When getting stuck , never attack the consequences of the problem, analyse thoroughly and fight the root cause”. This phrase depicts Francis’ eagerness to dig deep into the matter and only evolve after fully understanding.

As a retired mechanical design engineer, Francis has always had a passion for fountain pens and vintage folding knifes. He has been repairing vintage fountain pens since he retired in 2005. Being confronted with the common weaknesses of fountain pens, he designed and started making evaluation prototypes equipped with various filling systems : vacuum fillers, pump fillers and piston fillers. The piston filler – being the only real “positive displacement” filling system – became his favorite. However he remained frustrated since the piston mechanism took too much of the barrel length, greatly reducing the ink volume intake. So he started making sketches of potential alternatives and finally came up with the basic idea of the Bulkfiller. The sketches were transformed in fabrication drawings and Francis made the first prototypes in his shop. Fife “frequent writers” tested the prototypes for a period of one year and after implementing some of their rightfully suggestions the Bulkfiller was technically mature. Then Werner zoomed in, expressing his interest in making and commercializing the Bulkfiller. And this is how their fruitful cooperation started. Aiming in lowering production costs Werner’s thorough production knowledge led to the implementation of several small improvements. And finally the Conid Bulkfiller was ready for production.

The Conid team is unique for several reasons. The main one for our successful bounding and companionship is the difference in age. Three generations working together on something really stimulates a wide array of vision and different angles of approaching a problem. Another aspect that should be mentioned is that the Conid team is composed of employees from the parent company Komec Helsen. The identity and values of Conid and Komec are very similar. We benefit from Komec’s know-how of the past decade. Last but not least: we embrace progress and face challenges head on. At all times, we are remain loyal to who we are.