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JRO Carbon Prototype


Iroshizuku Ama-Iro

Hey there, my name is Johan. After graduating, I immediately started working for Komec Helsen where I learned all there is to learn about machining various materials and many different parts. Most of them have very small tolerances and very high standards as is usual in the pharmaceutical industry. After several years of building knowledge and experience in machining, I saw Werner start with Conid and my interest was instantaneously triggered. Making the parts for these unique fountain pens proved to be quite a challenge. Nothing less but perfection would do. After machining there are several more steps to be taken before a part is finished and I wanted to know all about it and master these steps.
Since late 2014, I have also dedicated myself to the nib fine-tuning and grinding. After being expertly taught by our own nibmeister Francis, it was time to grind my first customer-bought nib. Fortunately, I did a decent job and was over the moon with excitement. This encouraged me to keep on doing it. Nowadays, I have evolved into what I would like to call a nib specialist, rather than a nibmeister. This would not have been possible without feedback from our clients. Both positive and negative comments have been (and are still being) used to improve my nib-grinding work. Each and every review and email from clients is read and absorbed. All this has resulted in the PWIF (Personal Writing Identity Form) and the writing certificate which come with every nib you buy from us.